IBM Maximo Application Suite: Optimized asset management

IBM MAXIMO APPLICATION SUITE: Optimized asset management for efficient operations.

Maintaining the functional reliability of assets and their operational sustainability requires a new working method. Collect and analyze information from assets is essential to understand preventive maintenance in order to reduce operating costs. Indeed, predictive maintenance can reduce costs by 15 to 20%, improve asset availability by 20% and extend the life of machines for several years. If you are looking for an intuitive and easy-to-use enterprise asset management solution, IBM Maximo Application Suite is the best option for you! 

IBM Maximo Application Suite : Definition 

Maximo is the world’s leading CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Information System). It was a solution that was originally developed by Project Software & Development (PSDI). The first commercial version was released in 1985.   

In 2005, IBM bought it and now it is available under the name of IBM Maximo Asset Management. It is a solution that allows you to have a complete vision on the assets of the company (facilities, equipment … etc.) and services (contracts, works, purchases, supply chain … etc.) 

IBM Maximo Asset Management is a solution that companies use to track the operation and preventive maintenance of assets.   

It focuses on the following types of assets :  

  • Factory and manufacturing (e.g. oil, gas, mining, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, manufacturing, food, electronics and electric power production )  
  • Infrastructure (including railroads, highways, telecommunications, water and wastewater, and electric and gas distribution systems)  
  • Real estate and facilities (e.g., in offices, schools and hospitals)  
  • Transport (for military, airlines, trucking, shipping, rail and other uses). EAM is globally known to be essential in asset-intensive industries, i.e., utilities, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, rail and transit, heavy manufacturing, and facilities such as hospitals, campuses and hotels. 

IBM Maximo Application Suite : Main modules

Maximo Application Suite is the latest version of IBM Maximo Asset Management, and includes various applications that provide complete and operational visibility of assets throughout their lifecycle:   

  • Manage : This module includes functionality related to Workflow Management, Asset Management, Scheduling, Workforce Management, Supply Chain Management, Health and Safety, and Mobility.  
  • Monitor : This solution allows operations teams to remotely monitor assets and optimize their uptime. This helps to take corrective actions and to know the cause of alerts.  
  • Health : This solution allows you to evaluate the health of assets and detect which ones have potentially disruptive consequences for business continuity if left unchecked.  
  • Predict : This solution helps to detect potential asset failures that could impact your plant’s operations. Maximo Predict uses machine learning analysis to optimize maintenance strategies.  
  • Visual Inspection : This solution uses artificial intelligence for inspection and monitoring. It provides important information to experts and helps them in their decision making.  
  • Assist : This solution helps improve the productivity of field technicians through artificial intelligence. Maximo Assist provides recommendations for repair procedures and troubleshooting tools to help technicians work more efficiently.  
  • Safety : Maximo Safety helps optimize safety, ensure compliance and protect workers. Using IoT technology and advanced analytics, this solution help to implement a customized safety process.  
  • Maximo Mobile : With Maximo Mobile, you can manage any asset anytime, anywhere. Based on next-generation mobile technology, this solution helps to improve productivity by providing technicians with a unique and intuitive platform where they can easily navigate and find asset history and operational data online and offline. 

IBM Maximo Application Suite takes advantage of IBM’s decades of experience in asset management by providing a complete solution from data analysis to predictive maintenance actions.   

With over 25 years of experience in asset and maintenance management with IBM Maximo EAM, Smartech helps customers from all over the world to implement asset management programs based on the latest information technology. 

Discover the full potential of Maximo Application Suite and get the most value from your investment. Contact our Maximo experts ! 

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