IBM Control Desk helps you to

Improve IT asset utilizationReduce help desk callsImprove first call resolutions

IBM® Control Desk provides a common control center for business process management for digital and physical assets. It enables control, governance and compliance of applications, terminals and assets to protect critical data and prevent failures. IBM Control Desk is an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) -compliant, accessible by mobile devices and integrates with social networks and tools development.Managing multi-vendor, multicloud environments has become an increasingly complex task. IBM Control Desk provides the IT service management (ITSM) needed to simplify support of users and infrastructures. It reduces costs and increases satisfaction through self-service, automated service management and integrated, best practice-based service desk capabilities.

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Unified IT Asset Management Platform

Self-Service Service Delivery Governance IT Assets
Request tracking Remote control Service Assets Procurement
Service catalog  Service level Configuration Hardware
Knowledge Request Release Financial
App store Incident Change Software
Live chat Problem Deploy Contract
DevOps CMDB Licence
Shared services
Automation Collaboration Workflow Analytics Discovery Integration Reporting Data Model

IBM ® Control Desk is a powerful interaction engine

  • The tool includes a complete reconciliation of the data loaded in the configuration management database (CMDB).
  • Provides the configuration management database with full reconciliation, ITIL-based workflows for all processes, a single schedule for planning changes for resource availability, blackout periods, and changing windows .
  • Automated impact analysis and the “what if” engine allows a customer to prevent failures caused by changes.
  • The application of the compliance policy monitors and records changes within the organization.
  • It manages the desired states of configuration element (CIs) applications and configuration configurations. service to help validate compliance.
  • It allows responsive design of mobile-friendly emails.