CARL Software CMMS/EAM, a solution adapted to your business sector.


CARL Software : European leader in CMMS/EAM solutions

Optimize the maintenance of your equipment and the operation of your buildings, rolling stock and linear networks with our computerized maintenance management system CARL Software CMMS/EAM. This state-of-the-art solution meets the needs of companies in all sectors of activity.


  • CMMS new generation

100% web-based software requiring no installation, no plug-ins and no Java engine, even for graphic features.

  • Standard, customizable and scalable solution

It integrates a customizable dictionary defining all the “objects” managed by the application (tables and data fields).

  • Multi-site, multi-company and multilingual solution

Designed to manage multiple organizations, sites or companies. Each user only sees the data that is relevant to him/her.

  • Adaptable to all network architectures

Its flexibility makes it suitable for single-user installations, yet it deploys its full power on the most advanced network architectures.

  • Work offline

Specialized functions support the synchronization of remote sites to pool and consolidate data.


Solutions for all industries






CARL Mobile Solutions

CARL Flash, mobile application for service requests

Quickly contact and interact with technical services.

CARL Xpress, express maintenance reports mobile application

Technicians, agents…

draft express reports in just a few clicks.

CARL TOUCH: the mobile CMMS for field technicians

CARL Touch reconciles field technicians with the CMMS, while allowing better supervision of the activity for the managers.

CARL Software CMMS/EAM, a solution adapted to your business sector.


CARL Software: International and multi-sector software editor 

Carl Software

Berger-Levrault providess solutions to improve the performance of organizations in their activities, and to support people in their work.

More than 51,000 clients have chosen CARL Software for efficient maintenance.

Carl Software is designed to meet the needs of all companies looking to integrate a CMMS solution in Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Africa and Europe.

Whether you are an industrial or artisanal company, agri-food or pharmaceutical, operating in the transport sector, cosmetics or textile sector etc… CARL Berger Levrault provides and maintains customized solutions for each need.

CARL Software, a CMMS solution in Tunisia totally adapted to the scope of your project   

For several years, Carl Software keeps innovating in the CMMS sector in Tunisia.

Today and more than ever, companies must optimize the supply chain productivity and innovate to be successful on the marketplace. To achieve this, they need to develop their own internal management and maintenance processes. Integrating CARL Software is the best solution for this.  

Carl Software

Why integrate Carl Software as a CMMS solution in Tunisia 

Carl Software

The benefits of installing CARL Software as a CMMS solution in Tunisia are considerable:    

  • Control the costs of the installations to be maintained  
  • Ensure the sustainability of assets  
  • Optimize technical and human ressources  
  • Control the preparation of interventions, their planning and their costs  
  • Optimize the management of spare parts  
  • Identify and document the technical installations  
  • Adjust maintenance plans based on indicators and information provided to improve asset availability.  

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As experts in maintenance solutions and technical asset management for over 30 years, Berger-Levrault Group supports private and public professionals in meeting the performance demands of their respective industries.

With over 51,000 clients, our group serves local governments and municipalities, industries, private companies, healthcare facilities, social care institutions, and the educational sector.

In an era of open data and intelligent interfaces, Berger-Levrault’s ambition is to empower its users to take advantage of the tremendous potential of digital technology through our service platforms.

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