Smart Maximo Mobile plus: User-friendly asset and field maintenance management

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With the advancement of technology, the management of industrial assets and equipment has become more intricate and advanced. This has made field service operations increasingly challenging and expensive. To tackle these issues, innovative approaches to managing assets in the field have emerged, and technicians are now equipped with smart solutions that boost productivity through automation, AI support, and mobile capabilities like Smart Maximo Mobile Plus.

Advantages of Asset and Field Maintenance Management

The efficiency of field service management solutions lies in the integration of the company’s asset management system data with the on-field data. This management method provides numerous benefits:

  • Improved Asset Availability: Early identification of corrective actions in the asset lifecycle ensures higher performance levels and continuous operability.
  • Reduced Average Repair Time: An on-field asset management solution such as Smart Maximo Mobile Plus allows you to assign the appropriate work to each technician. You provide the right data at the right time on a single platform.
  • Empowered Field Technicians: With mobile capabilities, you provide remote assistance that enhances the autonomy of field maintenance technicians. Mobility helps them perform their duties safely and in compliance with regulations, enabling them to effectively carry out their tasks and solve problems efficiently.
  • Optimized Field Service Costs: You have access to all the necessary information to perform maintenance operations more effectively and efficiently.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The company can integrate IoT and mobile devices into asset management to determine if technicians are meeting customer expectations. This also helps in determining if there are any potential delays and estimating them.


Smart Maximo Mobile Plus: The Solution Transforming On-Site Maintenance

To ensure seamless management of on-site services, Smartech has designed Smart Maximo Mobile Plus, a user-friendly, integrated, and end-to-end solution. It is easy to use for on-site maintenance teams and provides consistent visibility across different company resources.

In the future, this solution will continue to transform on-site management by leveraging various aspects of mobility:

  • Automated On-Site Maintenance: Automated, AI-optimized scheduling helps implement better troubleshooting solutions and optimize resource productivity.
  • Integration of AI: AI will drive the enhancement of technicians’ skills and training requirements and leverage both old and new data.
  • Predictive Maintenance with IoT: Troubleshooting is significantly reduced through IoT-provided data and augmented reality optimized maintenance of equipment and assets.
  • Cloud-Based Maintenance Management: The cloud enables the deployment of integrated operating platforms. This option allows for the linking of an organization’s data with its partners and customers.


Smart Maximo Mobile Plus: Optimized Asset Management

The combination of connectivity, mobility, and AI can address the greatest challenges in asset management and field maintenance, thanks to their various characteristics:

Data Input

Did you know that the use of CMMS increases productivity by 28%? Every high-production industry has hundreds of assets of all sizes and shapes. Maintaining these assets in good health requires inputting data and information related to them, such as performance history, meters, maintenance plans, etc. The CMMS system captures all of this data along with best practices and stores it.


Providing technicians in the field with an intuitive and user-friendly mobile application, with quick access to information, strongly stimulates productivity and creates a significant added value.

Virtual Collaboration

Did you know that nearly 25% of repairs are not done correctly the first time? Thanks to virtual collaboration, technicians can now remotely connect with experts and have access to information. It is also important to ensure access to data everywhere since several assets require on-site maintenance.

Instant Access to Information with Smart Maximo Mobile Plus

By opting for mobility, you’ll empower field technicians to act on assets at any time and anywhere.

Ensure you’re on the right track by adopting a maintenance planning process. In fact, the first step before execution is planning. This means that maintenance planners must have the ability to manage complex assignment and scheduling processes while giving customers the ability to schedule asset availability themselves.

Furthermore, you will be able to assign field teams to customer sites based on their availability, skills, and proximity. Technicians can then personalize their workspace and data and KPIs.

Smart Maximo Mobile Plus, built on cutting-edge mobile technology, is a revolutionary platform that provides technicians with accurate operational data at the right time and place. It helps technicians improve their expertise and optimize asset reliability – all at their fingertips.

As a member of the IBM Maximo application suite, Smart Maximo Mobile Plus features flexible functionality and can be deployed in a cloud environment or on-site.

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