Smart Maximo Mobile + is a mobile application that simplifies Maximo processes to meet the demands of mobility. The platform supports both Apple (iOS) and Android smartphones and tablets, and can function both online and offline without requiring middleware or server installation. The mobility solution covers a wide range of standard Maximo processes, including service request generation and management, work order handling, inspections, asset management, meter readings, inventory, warehouse activities, and various other processes that can be enhanced by mobile solutions.



New Generation Mobile Application for IBM Maximo

To Leverage the Full Capabilities of Maximo EAM

Smart Maximo Mobile + a new generation mobile solution for IBM Maximo. It’s a hybrid mobile app that is simultaneously compatible with several operating systems and platforms. Our mobile application for IBM Maximo has all Maximo work execution features your technicians need.

Smart Maximo Mobile + is a full power and potential of a mobile solution of Maximo and gives you access to Maximo Data and Maximo transactions such as Work Orders management, Service Request management, inventory management, Purchasing management and asset management in connected and disconnected modes.

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