Our Migration services help you move from a legacy system to IBM Maximo. The legacy system can be an inhouse solution, an existing EAM solution, or an older version of Maximo. The Migration allow you to upgrade your existing EAM system or database, and move the associated data and configuration details to the latest version of Maximo using a specific upgrade tool. The efficiency of the Maximo data migration and upgrade is ensured by our IBM Maximo expert team. The upgrade utility will transfer all your data and configuration, from your old system to the latest version of Maximo while working on the same database.

Upgrading from your initial version of Maximo (4.x, 5.x, 6.x and 7.x) requires the installation of a different scenario environment to perform the upgrade. To minimize cost and uptime, we provide access to our technical infrastructure to perform testing and data migration without impacting the current production. We also use our infrastructure to deploy the stages of versions needed to go from one version of IBM Maximo to the next.

Maximo Migration Process

Migration Process Image