We have developed a series of videos to help you when you are using our app Smart Maximo Mobile. View each of the videos below to learn more about the features of each module of the app.

User authentification / login configuration:


Purchase Orders:

Labor Reporting:


Work Orders:

  • View WO map
  • Plan Material
  • Approve a Work Order
  • Plan Labor
  • Report Actual Material from a WO
  • Add Attachments + Worklog to WO

  • Sign a Work Order after completion
  • Show Workflow assignments
  • Perform Inspections on WO hierarchy
  • Perform Inspections on WO with tasks
  • Add a Related Work Order
  • View tasks
  • View related WO
  • Complete Work Order
  • Complete a related Work Order

Service Request:

  • Create a Service Request (using barcode)
  • Search / view Service Request details
  • Add attachments to an existing Service Request