IBM extends the asset management platform and provides more in-depth, sector-specific and task-based functionality. Each industrial variant responds to specific needs, while maintaining the same underlying technologies and operating processes of the main product, Maximo. It is our knowledge of Maximo and its tools that allows us to deploy, implement and integrate Maximo solutions into many different sectors.

Maximo Asset Health insights

Maximo Asset Health Insights allows you to improve visibility of the health of assets and locations and minimize downtime by avoiding asset outages with monitoring factors, such as conditions, costs, performance and residual life.

Maximo for Utilities

Maximo for Utilities enables you to consolidate multiple work and asset management solutions into a single platform and database. It also brings together assets such as transmission, distribution, power generation, water and wastewater treatment, fleet assets and facilities to support compliance with regulatory requirements.regulations.

Maximo for oil & Gaz

IBM Maximo for Oil & Gas helps manage production equipment, facilities, transportation and IT on a single platform. IBM Maximo for Oil & Gas provides oil and gas companies with best practices to improve productivity and efficiency their critical assets.

Maximo for Service Provider

Maximo service provider allows you to manage the assets of multiple clients in a single instance deployed. It provides a suite of applications that manages customer agreements, service delivery, customer invoicing and supplier contracts. This improves your operational efficiency and helps you to guarantee fast and accurate billing.

IBM Maximo APM-Predictive Maintenance Insights

IBM Maximo APM – Predictive Maintenance Insights Part of the IBM Maximo Asset Performance Management Suite (APM), helps maintainers predict the probability of future failures and identify asset default factors that may impact the operations of the business or commercial activities.

Maximo for Transportation

Maximo for transportation provides best practices for improving the productivity of all types of transportation assets. Assets include: fleets of automobiles, trucks, buses, locomotives, railway vehicles, aircraft ,ships and related linear assets.