a case study featuring the healthcare sector
  • Architecture and installation 
  • Installation of Maximo 7.6.1 and scheduler installation in AWS  
  • Perform various upgrades  
  • Installation of patches released by IBM 
  • Custom development
  • Custom classes upgrade  
  • Custom screens / applications upgrade
  • Integration with SAP  
  • Training of end users and administrators
  • Support end users and administrators


  • Installation of IBM Control Desk 7.5
  • Data migration from Oracle 11 platform to IBM DB2 10.5
  • Implementation of service catalog management
  • Establishment of an IT asset loading system from an Excel file 
  • Implementation of IT assets management
  • Setting up a discovered assets authorization process in ICD 
  • Customization development to support the enterprise repository for the IT organization of the group  
  • Development and implementation of solutions to ensure the discovery management and license management business processes
transportation sector: a case study

Oil & Gaz

a case study featuring the oil and gaz industry
  • Maximo configuration : domains, data, tables, etc.
  • Data loading: Assets, Locations, Job plans, Inventory, Purchase order, Invoice, Purchase request, Classification, etc.……
  • Integration with 3rd party software
  • Report development 
  • Develop new functionalities required by the client
  • Implementation of defined process
  • Creating new custom applications for special needs Modification of existing applications: XML modifications and personalization
  • Training of end users and administrators
  • Maximo installation in AWS 
  • Training  and support end users and administrators 

Specific Development

Development of module for a specific module in Maximo to be used for the monitoring of the performance service and the calculation of penalties for a world-leading customer of utilities.

Functional need :

The utilization of Maximo Asset Management by service providers in the management of buildings is often based on contracts established between the service provider and their customers who define the responsibilities and parameters of cost and penalty calculation.

In this case, the calculation of the penalties of delay, quality and performance in real time is a functional need to set up in Maximo.

Solution :

To meet customer needs and to ensure real-time tracking of penalty calculations and resolution performance service requests, we have implemented a penalty management module.

The developed penalty management module consists of several applications allowing the customer to define the various performance parameters and their follow-up through the implementation of advanced business rules and calculation logic for optimal measurement and monitoring. vendor ticket resolutions according to predefined SLAs while minimizing penalties of delay and quality.

Results :

  • Minimization of delay and response penalties by 80%.
  • Improved employee performance by 30%.
  • Improved accuracy of the billing process.
  • Perfect application of quality standards, related to customer ticket resolution tracking.
  • The implementation of precise cost calculation processes allowing customer loyalty.