Smart Project Link is a bidirectional Smartech developed interface which allows adding to Microsoft Project menu bar a Maximo menu.
This tool provides an exchange process of data between Maximo and Microsoft Project to import Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance forecasts and scheduling data . This is permetting the export of planned Work Orders and forecast from Microsoft Project to Maximo.
This tool also allows displaying on Microsoft Project real time information from Maximo.
Smart Project link offers, compared to the standard tool of IBM, several other useful options allowing to perform more refined data searches before importing them:

Optimize Shutdowns and Turnarounds
Organizations leverage this Smartech tool to optimize planning and scheduling for plant shutdowns, turnarounds, on-line daily maintenance.
Increased wrench time, reduced schedule backlog, improved controls, elimination of manual data entry and increased data accuracy.
Quick configuration to match customer exact needs.
Smart Project Link eliminates the unnecessary time, costs and risk of integration.

Smart Project Link