SMARTECH Annonces Maximo Training Session 2016

From October 3 to November 17, learn the powerful features and functions available in IBM Maximo Asset Management with Smartech’s Training Session 2016 .This hands-on course introduces the fundamental concepts and setup considerations of the various business areas supported by Maximo.
This course provide an overview of all functional and technical league of legends capabilities of Maximo and features allowing his administration, configuring sites, the financial system, the GL accounts, database, domains, schedules and reports.
Ensured by our Maximo Expert Team, our trainees will learn activities including lecture, demonstration, and labs covering a wide variety of applications, processes, and interrelationships within Maximo.

At the end the trainee should be able to:

Describe the components and basic functions of Maximo;
Understand the interaction between Maximo modules and their links with the maintenance process, purchasing and inventory;
Configure the basic data of LoL Maximo: organizations, sites, users, GL accounts, assets, items;
Manage reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance on Maximo;
Describe the standard cycle of a Work Order;
Describe the standard cycle of a Purchase Order;
Manage the reorder on Maximo;
Manage reports and KPI on Maximo.

The global duration of the Training vary between 3 and 30 days depending of the customer session training need.


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