Maximo Migration is an upgrade of your existing Maximo system where your Maximo database and associated details are moved forward to the latest version of Maximo using an Upgrade Utility Tool.
Efficiency in Maximo upgrade is ensured by Smartech Maximo Expert team .
The Upgrade Utility will carry all your data and old configuration in your old system to the latest version of Maximo in the same database. You cannot choose what data to carry over or perform any data cleansing on the migrated data.

Depending on the size of your Upgrade Project, minimum of 3 iterations is required:

Iteration 1: Allows you to have your data in the latest release of Maximo. Usually all client specific customization are not included in this iteration.

The purpose of the delivered system is to provide the Upgrade project with a Maximo environment that will be used for other subsequent project phases (configuration, customization, report development, integration build up…).

Iteration 2: Once all design and development tasks have been performed, a second System Upgrade will be done and will include the installation of all additional client components (screens, data, customization, integrations…). This iteration will be used to test the deployment plan using recent system data.

Iteration 3: This is the final Migration. The latest deployment plan that has been built and tested in Iteration 2 is applied. In order to minimize the downtime period, the 3rd iteration can be done during night period.

Upgrading from early version of Maximo (4.x, 5.x, 6.x and 7.x), using IBM tools, requires the installation of different staging environment and tools to perform the upgrade. In order to minimize upgrade costs and time, we provide you access to our Technical infrastructure. In this way, you won’t need to provide temporary environment to install intermediate Maximo version.