Maximo Asset Management Upgrades : Importance and Benefits

Maintaining current IBM Maximo Asset Management version provides many benefits and improvement that allow organisations to leverage technology and functionality to maintain and optimize their asset performance.
The latest versions expand and add to previous versions to offer enhanced functionalities, a more developed Maximo base and deliver innovation.

This comparative table below illustrates the evolution of added features in the latest Maximo versions :

New features and capabilities in Maximo® Asset Management help your organization achieve greater efficiency in asset management through improvements in usability, integration, installation, and business intelligence.

Other benefits of upgrading :

– Aside from the functional enhancements and new features, Maximo’s latest version (7.6) focuses also on user experience by offering a better look, intuitive navigation and increased serviceability.
– A responsive system to the changing user needs with a wider platform support.
– Record locking and an automation of common configuration scenarios.
– Multitenancy capabilities : New installation option enables support for a multitenancy environment
– Gaining insights through additional Business Intelligence (BI) features : improved data analysis for your unique business needs.
– Use of the newest versions of reporting tools (BIRT and Cognos) : these powerful tools enable you to perform a deeper analysis of visualization of the Maximo data.
– Maximo dashboards with metric workspace displaying tools and KPI’s : make completing tasks easier for both the administrator and user. In addition to new calculations and summaries and individual KPI scheduling.
– Other important enhancements to improve value and maintenance fees.

Similar improvements are also available in all the newest versions of Maximo Industry Solutions and Add-ons .

How to upgrade ?

We recommend Smartech’s Migration & Upgrade services to ensure :

– A Smooth transitions and accurate data transfer ;
– Proficiency and extensive experience in dealing with large volumes of data;
– A thorough testing of system upgrades;
– Development of customizations and reports;
– Executive training for project team members;
– Monitoring and user support.

You can click here to see our approach for Upgrades and Migrations. We offer also multiple Maximo Industry Solutions and Add-ons to cater to every industry’s need and specifications.

For more information on Maximo versions and how to upgrade, please email or contact us here.

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