Maximo is an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). It helps automate all of the maintenance aspects for any industrial operation, that includes equipment history, scheduling, preventive maintenance, work orders, labor and expense tracking, procurement and reporting.
Regardless the size or the activity of your compagny, IBM Maximo Asset Management is a powerful platform that combines managing the assets with their maintenance whatever your assets are process equipment,lab, manufacturing, office or warehouse facilities.

Through the use of Maximo, companies can monitor and manage the full life cycle of their enterprise assets. This centralized functionality ensures that users have complete visibility and control of asset condition and processes, leading to :

Improve service quality by increasing asset reliability and reducing asset downtime.
Facilitate asset-related decision making by providing a single repository for asset data.
Increase return on investment by enabling proactive asset maintenance that can help extend asset life.
Reduce costs by streamlining inventory and procurement management processes.
Achieve new levels of workforce efficiency through improved resource management.
Lower your operating costs by eliminating paper-based processes and enabling the consolidation of multiple systems