IBM Maximo supports Enterprise Asset Management in key manufacturing industries including service providers, oil and gas, utilities and transportation.It helps automate all of the maintenance aspects for any industrial operation, that includes equipment history, scheduling, preventive maintenance, work orders, labor and expense tracking, procurement and reporting.
Smartech offers to its customers an evolutive approach to achieve their business goals through innovative engagement solutions. Our engagement help our customers to increase team productivity. Smartech solutions are requested for asset management by different industries responding to the need of a wide range of sectors activities namely oil and gas, providers, stevedoring and handling etc.

Maximo Scheduler

Maximo Scheduler is asset management scheduling software that allows planners to view any upcoming work graphically, compare the required resources against those available, and adjust accordingly. Dispatchers can use maps to graphically monitor field technicians, work in progress, and status. Field technicians can receive work and provide real time status updates to the dispatcher.

Maximo Linear Asset Manager

Maximo Linear Asset Manager Add-On extends the capabilities of IBM Enterprise Asset Management on Cloud Flex (Maximo) to include management of linear assets, enabling the change of characteristics over the span of a linear asset using dynamic segmentation.


Maximo Archiving

Maximo Archiving provides IBM Maximo Asset Management users a way to archive, and optionally delete, historical data from their production system.

Maximo Calibration

Maximo Calibration Add-On provides a solution to manage calibration assets and the standards used to calibrate them, with features such as traceability and reverse traceability, calibration history data, calibration data sheets, and reporting.


Maximo Adapter for SAP

Maximo Adapter for SAP provides a comprehensive infrastructure that enables you to quickly connect IBM Maximo Asset Management to mySAP. It provides an end-to-end integration solution between IBM Maximo and mySAP, using approved integration processes on both ends.

Maximo Inventory Insights

Maximo Inventory Insights helps users reduces excess inventory and ensures parts are availability for mission-critical assets. It combines the ease-of-use of SaaS, the simplicity of a built-in analytics model, and the technological sophistication of predictive technology to automatically optimize inventory across multiple geographies, sites, and storerooms.


Maximo Health Safety & Environment Manager

Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager Add-On supports enterprises in improving safety, reliability, and compliance with regulations. This solution provides a central application for reporting incidents spanning work, personnel, safety, health, and environmental areas.

Maximo Asset Configuration Manager

Maximo Asset Configuration Manager Add-On provides real-time calculation of an asset’s configuration and the component life of the asset.


Maximo Adapter for Oracle

Maximo Adapter for Oracle provides a comprehensive infrastructure that enables to quickly connect Maximo Asset Management to Oracle E-Business Suite. It provides an end-to-end integration solution between IBM Maximo Asset Management and Oracle E-Business Suite, using approved integration processes on both ends.

Maximo Spatial

Maximo Spatial Asset Management Add-On allows users to view geographic information systems (GIS) information inside IBM Enterprise Asset Management on Cloud Flex (Maximo). This add-on provides a geospatial context of work, assets, and land-based features.


Maximo Service Provider

Maximo for Service Providers helps organizations improve service delivery by providing optimized billing and service management features. Maximo for Service Providers delivers a suite of applications that manage customer agreements, service delivery, supplier contracts, and customer billing.