Getting Started with Maximo’s New Work Centers

IBM Maximo Asset Management and feature packs incorporate new capabilities and enchancements. Today, we take a closer look at the new work centers that were added to enable users easier access to their specific and simplified work center and to manage their usual tasks and requests via this new and improved plateforme without opening multiple applications.

To access the Work Centers, a web application archive (WAR) file that is called maximo-x.war must be built and deployed to the application server. If you use the configuration program after the installation, this deployment procedure occurs automatically.
To provide access to Work Centers, an administrator must add users to the security group for the Work Centers. Security groups can use both the existing Start Center and the new Work Centers.

New with object structures
In the Security Groups application, security administrators can now grant user access to a specific object structure. Users who are associated to an inbound integration transaction can be granted read, insert, save, and delete access.
Instead of applying sigoptions to an object structure, you can now simply configure authorization for data loaded through integration object structures. If you are upgrading, authorization is not required by default, but can be configured.
For new installations, object structures must be granted authorization to query or update data in the same way an application requires authorization for a user to view and update data.
Supervisors, technicians, and business analysts in the organization can be given access to use a Work Center that is suited to their roles in Maximo¬ģ Asset Management. You give access to the Work Centers by creating security groups, giving those groups access to specific object structures, and associating a Work Center to the security groups.
The pre-set work centers in IBM Maximo Asset Management are : Business analysis, Work Supervision and Work Execution.

1- Business Analysis Work Center
As a business analyst, you can use the Business Analysis Work Center to analyze information and monitor and identify trends. You can use the data that is provided by the Work Center to improve operation and user performance.
The Business Analysis Work Center converts Maximo data to different formats for the varying aspects of your organization. These areas include work efficiency, schedule compliance, supply rates, and inventory balances. Converted data is displayed in multiple chart types to ensure that information is easy to understand and analyze. You can download charts as images to share and present data, or you can change the chart type to meet your viewing needs.
Additionally, you can view your data in KPIs to monitor operational performance. New KPIs focus on data quality and allow you to collect, track, and measure the most important data for your organization.
Data sets are also available and can be downloaded in a comma-separated value (CSV) format, or, if you have a Watson Analytics subscription, you can export data directly to Watson Analytics. By using your Maximo data in Watson Analytics, you can perform the following tasks:
Receive Data Quality Scores that detail which attributes are incomplete or imbalanced;
Explore your data by using Watson’s Natural Language Processing;
Create visual, dynamic dashboards of your Maximo data.
Identify the key components that influence your data to determine which attributes influence your processes.

New Data Set Designer
Data set Designer is a to create simplified and quick data sets.
Building a data set in the Data Set Designer involves selecting an object set and specifying the content or fields that you want to include. You can then configure the content by selecting fields and applying filters and sorting. You can apply either an existing application query to your data set or you can create a new one. After you save the data set, you can export its contents to comma-separated value (CSV) format or to IBM Watson Analytics for analysis.
To grant access to the Data Set Designer, you must create a security group by following the steps in Giving users access to Work Centers. After a Data Set Designer security group is created, you must grant access to the object structures.

Use the Business Analysis Work Center with Watson Analytics
By using the Business Analysis Work Center, you can analyze information, and monitor and identify trends. A new integration with Watson Analytics and business critical data sets provide a seamless process to measure data quality and explore your Maximo Asset Management data by using Natural Language Processing.

2- Work Supervision Work Centers
As a supervisor, you can manage the workload of a team of technicians and assign work to them by using the Work Supervision Work Center on a desktop computer or mobile device. You can also monitor work that is in progress and review the details of completed work.
Maintenance work is divided into planned assignments and unplanned assignments. Unplanned work, usually emergencies that require immediate attention, does not have technicians or labor assigned. You can assign the necessary labor that is available to complete the unplanned work.
For work that is planned, you can assign the labor that is suggested based on the craft and skill level that is required for the assignment. Alternatively, you can find the available labor that is capable of completing the work. When the work is assigned to the technician, the technician can access the details of the assignment in the Technician Work Center.
After you assign work, you can monitor the progress of the assignment, such as the percentage of tasks that are complete, materials that are used, and the time that it takes to complete the work. To monitor the cost of work, you can compare the initial estimated cost of labor, materials, tools, and services and the actual cost of these items after the work is completed. The estimated calculations are based on the estimated costs of the work order at the time of approval.
Before you close the work order, you can review details about the work, such as who completed the work, and what materials, services, and tools were used. You can also review the total cost of the work order and any failure comments that are associated with it.

Use the Work Supervision Work Center to efficiently manage the work for your team
The Work Supervision Work Center is a work visualization tool that enables supervisors to optimize the flow of their team’s work. The cards represent work items in the work management process as they move around the work center. Based on lean thinking concepts, the primary principles are to visualize work, optimize work in process, focus on flow, and practice continuous improvement.

3- Work Execution Work Centers
As a maintenance technician, you can use the Work Execution Work Center on a desktop computer or mobile device to manage all planned assignments that are assigned to you by your supervisor. You can view the planned material and planned tools that are available to complete those assignments.
After your supervisor assigns work to you, you can view the details of the work. Assignments are organized by emergency, corrective, and preventive work types, from priority 1 to priority 4, and then by the overdue status. Custom work types and priority values are also listed after the emergency, corrective, and preventive work types. You can view and filter your open assignments by date to determine which assignments are overdue, due today, and due tomorrow. You can also plan your work over the next three days.
When you select Start to begin work on an assignment, the progress of the assignment is monitored by your supervisor. If you stop work on an assignment, the assignment is returned to the supervisor to reassign to another technician. When you complete the assignment, the assignment is returned to the supervisor to review and close the work.

Use the Work Execution Work Center to plan your workload
You can manage all assignments that are assigned to you by your supervisor. You can view the planned material and planned tools that are available to complete those assignments. You can also filter your open assignments by date to determine which assignments are overdue, due today, and due tomorrow and plan your work that is due in the next three days.

How to upgrade?
Upgrading to the latest version of Maximo is a simple procedure, and allows your organization achieve greater efficiency in asset management through improvements and new features such as the new work centers listed above. For more information on Maximo versions and how to upgrade, contact us here or reach out and email

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